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Thursday, September 15, 2011

13 sept 432 UKAC contest

On the 13th of September I decided to enter the 432MHz UKAC mainly for the fun of it
as I hadnt entered a 432 contest before, and also because I wanted to test out my system to see how it would perform.
My 432MHz system comprises of an Icom IC-490E running 10Watts of power. The feeder is westflex103 coax and a 10 element tonna yagi, actually it was just the rear section of a 21element tonna yagi.
I do not yet have a mast-head pre-amplifier which I am sure will make quite a bit of difference.

Well I managed to work a GRAND TOTAL of 20 stations, with about 7 of them actually being out portable
in horrible gale force winds. Brave souls indeed who deserve a medal for that alone.
My best ODX @246km was GM4JR in locator square IO85FB.

Map Removed due to Google change in sharing policy!

As you can see from the above map quite a distance can be worked with low power and small antennas.
I have yet to add a mast head pre-amplifier to boost incoming signals and I also have a 150W pmr amplifier
that I fancy modifying to work on ssb.

Anyway thanks for reading blog you soon.
73 from Mark

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