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Sunday, April 29, 2012

6m Sp-E opening New start on New band

Well I have began listening on 6metres 50MHz (The Magic Band) and my new set up which is a MFJ9406X dedicated low power 6m Radio running 10 watts PeP into a Tokyo HI-POWER HL66V Amplifier producing about 48-50Watts
The antenna is a homemade Delta Loop which is about 15ft off the ground and fixed in an N-S position
which gives E-W radiation pattern.

Well Today there was a Sporadic-E opening towards europe and whilst I didnt contact many stations with my limited setup I did work all new DXCC's and Locator Squares, The reason? I have never been really active on the Magic Band so I am basically starting from scratch. So of course every contact is a new one for me, which adds to the real fun of 6mtrs. So today I got 4 contacts and 4 new DXCC countries so that is great!

Below is a graphical representation of the areas who managed to contact each other.
Map courtesy of LIVE MUF 7.3 by G7RAU

Below is a small video recorded on my phones camera so the quality is quite poor but you will see just how strong a signal certain stations were.

As I said Above I only worked 4 stations which were
SP3OCC Ted JO92DF in Poland
LY2BAW Ted KO25KA he was a big signal! (see video)

So as you can see nothing exotic nothing rare, but all new to me on this band so I am pleased as punch.
Thanks for reading 
Blog soon 73 Mark GØNMY

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