Solar Data

Saturday, June 24, 2006

E's E's Everywhere But Here!

Well there has been several Sporadic-E openings on 2mtrs today
However none of the Ionised areas were in reach of my qth. Looks Like Spain and Italy had a good day today.

So no real DX to report today, although earlier I worked into Essex normal Tropo JO01KW.
And just as I am writing this I managed to catch Gerold G4OIG/P who was
on Hegdon Hill IO82QE activating SOTA G/WB-023 which is a new one for me. Unfortunately I missed all his earlier Sota activations due to not being in the shack, well we cant be here all the time

So not much to write about today. But you never know the day isn't over.
You have to be positive with this hobby.
Bye for now. Mark