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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello and welcome to G0NMY's Ham Radio Blog

First let me introduce myself.
My Name is Mark Longson I was born in 1961 and am nearly 45 years old.
I Live in the City of Stoke-On-Trent.

I became a licenced Radio Ham in 1985 and was issued with the callsign G1UWO (Useless Wireless Operator) and in 1990 I Passed my 12 w.p.m Morse test and aquired my call G0NMY (No Money Yet). My main interest is in the VHF bands and I have, over the years, operated many different modes, from RTTY to AX25 Packet, to Fast scan TV on 70cms, 23cms, 13cms and 3cms.
Today my main operating is usually on 2mtrs SSB or 4mtrs FM.
I only have a 1/2 wave dipole in the loft for 4mtrs at present, so I tend to go out Mobile/ Portable for my main 4mtr operating.

For 2mtrs I use an FT290r into a linear amplifier producing about 20Watts.
My 2mtr beam is a 7 ele ZL special which is about 35ft up
So nothing special and my location is fairly low down in a valley. Not an ideal
location for vhf and up operating, However I prefer VHF to HF operating.

My IARU locator square is IO83VA and my NGR is SJ879461 WAB is SJ84
I have recently got into chasing SOTA stations and am slowly working my way up the points table.

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Recent news:
Recently there have been some excellent Sporadic-E openings on 2mtrs and below is a log of the stations I have been lucky to work with my fairly humble setup.

Ham report IARU
callsign sent / received Locator Square Country Name Freq Mode

IW0FYC 5/9 5/9 JM76HD Scicilly Lloyd 144 MHz SP-E
IW4EGP 5/9 5/9 JN64GB Italy 144 MHz SP-E
IK0BZY 5/9 5/9 JN61GW Italy 144 MHz SP-E
IW0BYL 5/9 5/9 JN61GV Italy Michael 144 MHz SP-E
EB3EHJ 5/9 5/9 IN01VO Spain 144 MHz SP-E
EA4CZV 5/9 5/9 IN80DL Spain 144 MHz SP-E
EA7RN 5/5 5/5 IM87CS Spain 144 MHz SP-E
9A2C 5/9 5/9 JN95IN Croatia 144 MHz SP-E
EA6DD 5/9 5/9 JM19JK Balearic Isl Mayorca 144 MHz SP-E
EB3DYS 5/9 5/9 JN11CK Spain 144 MHz SP-E

Not bad for my humble setup.

Right, well thats about all for now. Thanks for visiting

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