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Friday, April 20, 2007

Looking forward to 2007 Sp-E

Well I've not been very active since my last entry infact ive not done much on the radio apart from local chat, The main reason was down to caring for my father who became terminally ill with cancer. Sadly he passed away in february 2007 so have also been very busy sorting out his estate etc.

Anyway onto radio now and I have aquired a new Icom IC-7000 which I am pleased with and am just about proficient at driving. So I am looking forward to the Sp-E season starting.
I have started to fire up Live MUF program to keep my eye on for any Sp-E's
I have not got around to building my DK7ZB beam for 2 mtrs but I do plan to do so when time permits.
Anyway glad to be back blogging again. thanks for reading.


Ian G0UWK said...

Hi Mark,
Sorry to hear about your Dad,
Kind regards
Ian (g0uwk)

Miguel said...

Hello Mark,

Hapens the same with my father... also passed away in february with cancer.

Hope to meet you on the ES!

All the Best