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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tropo Sat 5th May 2007

Well I havent managed to catch any Sporadic E openings on 2mtrs yet, So not much worked.
However on the 5th May there was a Tropo opening into europe with many of the big guns
working lots of DX. As for myself I managed to work two stations.
First was DK2MN who was located in Jo32PC he gave me a 5/3 report and I gave him a 5/1 report, he was very weak with me luckily the rigs dsp helped to dig him out of the noise.
Secondly was PA6NL in Jo21BX again the DSP of my IC7000 radio helped to make the contact.
So not much DX but Netherlands and Germany which was pleasing enough.
Here is a Map of Europe with the paths of the countries who managed to contact each other marked on it.

Map captured from Live-MUF program by G7RAU (with thanks).
Thanks for reading.. Mark

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