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Friday, June 22, 2007

More Sp-E's on 144MHz

There was a Sporadic E opening this evening on 144Mhz, sadly, as usual, no stations were contacted here, but hey if it was easy it would become boring.

Over the last few days here in the UK we have had bad weather with flash flooding due to large amounts of rainfall over a short period, and heavy Electrical Thunder Storms making the radio a very noisy pastime. However it does appear to have triggered Sporadic E openings on the VHF bands adding fuel to the flame that Sp-e's are caused by Thunder storms. Its not a proven
trigger as yet but then again it wasn't too long ago that the boffins accepted the SP-E existed
as a mode of propagation on the vhf bands, one scientific phenonemon discovered and proven by radio hams.

Anyway Here is the picture showing the areas who managed to contact each other.
The blue lines are for 144MHz and the Red/Orange for 50MHz and 70MHz Bands.
Map captured from Live-MUF program by G7RAU (with thanks).

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