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Monday, October 05, 2009

Morse Code practice

Well I havent been very active for a long time now and when I have it has mainly been listening to the HF bands.
However just recently I have been watching some Video's on YouTube of hams operating
portable on top of mountains. One such Ham is Steve NØTU who along with his two loyal goats named Peanut & Rooster, they help to carry his equipment to the summit he manages to work some good dx using only 5w and CW using Morsecode. Check out Steve's Blog.
This got me interested in cw again and I decided after listening to morse on 20mtrs I was extreemly lacking in my ability to decode the code at a decent speed. So I am now practicing to try and build my brain up again.
There are a few ways to do this however, I chose two options. The first is on the Internet using the website called Learn CW Online, which is an excellent site to help the complete novice to the most ardent brass pounders and paddle strokers around.
The 2nd option I went for was to download the program called MorseRunner.
This program simulates a cw contest and prepares you for such an event. not that I think I am ready to enter such a contest I just cannot decode well enough yet.
Anyway thanks to Steve and his goats I have re-aroused my morse interest and will be practicing regularly to get back to my old capabilities.

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