Solar Data

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have recently been receiving Digital SSTV (Slow Scan Television)
pictures on the 20mtr band 14.233MHz. 
The picture quality is excellent providing a good
constant signal level is received. It is almost like digital terestrial 
Television in that it is copy all or nothing, however if you miss 
parts of the image you can send BSR report telling the sender, 
digitally, what segments were missed from the image.
He will then send a correction transmission sending the missing 
parts until you have the full picture. 
This is all done automatically using an excellent program called

EasyPal is a free program by VK4AES. and is still in 
development however it has lots of interesting features along with 
the option to upload the received pictures to the internet for 
publishing etc. that is one feature that I plan to try and configure 
for my blog page. so watch this space.
Below is a couple of pictures I received using the program and 
am testing to see if they upload ok.

So thanks for reading and blog ya soon.

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