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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why I dont use Usenet groups (

Today I received an email from a Radio friend asking me if I was a member of the UseNet group or Google's implementation of it and requesting me to check it out.

Now to be honest I had bad experience of Usenet groups many years ago and stopped using them.
However I thought I would have a look and see what topics are being discussed in it.
From what I could make out a lot of posts were personal attacks on individuals and the arguments
that followed. So I can honestly say that my decision not to use those groups was still valid.
Now I feel sorry for the genuine Hams who try to hold discussions in such groups, and the derogatory
comments and personal attacks they then receive.

I will say now I am a member of several news groups both on Yahoo and Facebook, and I can honestly say that there is rarely any of the above kind of behavior, so why is this? Well all of the groups I am a member of are moderated and the members of such groups are genuinely friendly and social people, what you would expect on a social network really.

Its a pity I cannot say the same for here is a link if you fancy a look, but I would not really recommend you join this group. Group

Maybe a new group could be set up with proper moderation as I am sure the genuine hobbyists
would join such a group so they could discuss their hobby and not have to suffer the derision of the crude keyboard warriors and Trolls who lack the basic social skills to interact with their piers.

I for one, and I am sure a lot of other radio hams, use both the radio and the internet.
I think we should be allowed to do so without attacks and derogatory comments.
Anyway that is my rant for what its worth, will this post change anything? I doubt it, as long as
members turn a blind eye to the bad behavior.
Thanks for reading Mark