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Saturday, June 04, 2016

          The QRP MAN by GØNMY

       The QRP man by Mark Longson (G0NMY)
       The QRP man, is hard to define,
       he may not be active, all of the time.
       He sits alone, with an ear to his rig
       WHO WAS THAT?
       it sounded like SID!
       With a signal so weak, most would ignore,
       to dig that one out, is too much of a chore.
       But our QRP man, with an ear for the weak,
       Listens in silence, not daring to speak
       With QSB and QRM, he notches it tight,
       His bandwidth so thin,
       AH yes it's Sid, Victor Echo one,
       I can hear him now, the QRM has gone.
       The QSO goes much to plan,
       "That Sid you know, is a QRP fan."
       In the meantime its out, with the iron and bit,
       to solder up more, of his QRP kit
       A long CQ, to the best of his ability
       This rig works great and has good stability.
       Back comes the Morse, with a five seven nine,
       Yep I'm certain now, the rig's doing fine.
       His antenna's not long, but has a narrow 'Q'
       That he explains, makes the signals come through.
       From Germany three, even to VK9,
       This QRP man is doing just fine.
       The QRP man, has found his vocation
       Its all so so small, his QRP station
       but work it does, as the logbook will tell
       yet most misunderstand, how he does so well
       His goal it would seem, is to search for perfection
       using the smallest of bits, from his vast selection,
       of coils and caps, and an odd chip or two
       he joins them all up, with his lead based glue! 
       The QRP man, hopes that we will all see
       the reason for all his adversity
       No QRM, will he emit
       from his ultra small, QRP kit! 
       So when you next hear, our QRP man
       don't be an ANTI-QRP fan
       Think not of him, as a silly crackpot
       just give him some room, don't pinch his spot!
       even if QRP, gives you no appeal,
       just leave them in peace, 
       their frequency don't steal!
Written and composed by Mark Longson 
G0NMY(c)1994 All Rights Reserved.....
Well I came across my old G-QRP membership certificate, Sadly its got water damaged. So I decided to see if I could make a Duplicate. And once I found the Template the rest was easy.

So I hope George Doesn't mind I will eventually print it out and put it in a Frame on the shack wall.
Check out the G-QRP club if you like to do more with less.


73 and enjoy YOUR hobby
Mark Longson

Cheers Mark

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