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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Having purchased the Dual Bandwidth filter module from Sotabeams.


I was going to build it into a small tin enclosure.
Having started the project off by fitting an LM386 audio amp and a 
speaker,along with volume pot and 5V regulator 
I was ready to add my filter module,
but for some reason I kept putting off finishing the project 
thinking it would not look very good.

Well I no longer  have to worry about that as Richard's Company 
has now produced a Kit called  The Boxa-Dual board kit
This is a kit, that once built you plug your already purchased dsp-filter module into.

The kit contains a lovely plated through pcb along with component silk screen overlay and all the necessary components.

Along with the option of a lovely aluminium case which is pre laser etched and drilled.

The kit is easy to assemble and can be built in about an hour or so.
The beauty of this kit is it turns an excellent dsp filter module into a nice professional looking finished project

Oh and the small pack of Golden Bears didnt last 5 mins ;-)
Thanks Richard a lovely touch!

I can highly recommend Richard (G3CWI)'s Company  
who produce  a wide variety of simple ham radio antennas 
and peripherals for the discerning portable operator, 
along with kites and fibreglass poles to raise your antenna's 
and other innovative designs that his well established company produce.
Richard and his team are always there to offer advice and help 
should you run into problems with any of their products.
Pop along to the web site.

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