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Saturday, December 31, 2016

6 Metre Band report for 2016

At the beginning on 2016 I decided to concentrate on improving my Morse code, and at the same time
I set myself a challenge to work 5W QRP on the 50MHz band and to see how many IARU grid squares I could make contacts in.

To add further to my challenge on 6mtrs I stuck to using my delta loop antenna which is hung above the bathroom in a fixed position.
I was nowhere near as active as I could have been and I missed quite a number of openings on the band.
Be that as it may, I still think I did really well for a QRP station.

And out of the 89 grids worked resulted in a total of 22 Countries contacted, and while it isnt up there with the guys running full power to large yagi antennas, I am very pleased with the result.

Being a member of the UKSMG (United Kingdom Six Metre Group)
I applied for a basic certificate for working 20 European countries all with QRP .

Here it is framed and hung on the shack wall.

So for 2017 I will start over again with a target of 89 grid squares to beat and more than 22 Countries contacted. I may need to improve my antenna we shall have to see, and if you hear my weak cw signal calling CQ please answer so I can get your grid square.
Thanks for reading and hope to catch you on the band in 2017
73 good DX and Happy New Year!

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