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Sunday, October 08, 2017

SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES)

Well just spent 24hrs participating in the Straight Key Century Club's Weekend Sprintathon (WES)
I Made 16 QSO's with a score of 442.

HF conditions were quite reasonable for a change, and you would expect my score to be a lot higher.
Well I was running 5Watts QRP from my Ten-Tec Argosy II. Into a mini G5RV antenna.

Of course the Straight key had to be used as I don't own a Cootie Key or a BUG. I can tell you Glass arm hurts!

I know I could of worked a lot more stations, however, I have local interference (QRN)
from a source of flashing LED Lights in a shop window that run from 7am to Midnight 7 days a week.

Here is a recording of it on 40mtrs which is the worst band affected.

40mtrs interference from flashing LED Lights in a shop

So all in all, I am very pleased with my contacts.  Here is an image of the excellent SKCC logger program


My SKCC number is 15845, So if you enjoy using a straight key (any speed you like, but not toooo fast hee hee, give me a call, and if you fancy becoming a member check out their website at

Also they have an excellent and friendly sked page where you can arrange to contact other SKCC

Oh and my G-QRP member number is 12875

Thanks for reading 72 till next time

1 comment:

Jeff Bauer, WN1MB said...

I have local lighting QRN, too; 2nd floor apartment dweller downtown right on Main Street. Parking lot lighting interference is terrible from sundown to sunrise - prime time for 40 meters, my favorite band.

I still get on and get out with my QRP, though, and enjoy every SKCC WES event!


Jeff WN1MB
Winsted CT